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And Just How Can You Live Your Fierce?

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

You do not have to be an extreme sports junkie, an Olympic athlete or a technology entrepreneur to be living your fierce. I truly believe that there is something in everyone that lights a fire, that floats their boat, that can encompass every part of one’s being.

I have friends who have left their careers as architects to write one of hopefully many  beautiful children’s books. That’s living your fierce. Another friend started a small business after having a child because work and creation is what drives her to be a wonderful mother. Other’s chase 50 kilometer trails, closing that big account at their firm, or learning a new language so they can experience more of the culture when they travel. These are all ways others have found to live their fierce.

Before any of these individuals could begin living their fierce, they all took some hard time to figure out who they really are, what they really want to do and why they really want to do what they chose to go after. This requires a level of self-reflection that we are all capable of, but may just need that reminder every now and again to do.


Maria Stenvenkel wrote about “7 Things You Need to Know to Live Your Best Life and Make a Better World” in one of her latest blog posts. She touches on a handful of really powerful themes to explore that may help you figure out how you can begin, or continue, to live your life fiercely. For the full article, click here.

You’re 100 percent responsible for your life.

The thing that annoys you about others is a reflection of you.

What you admire about others is a quality you long to express.

You can’t drive out darkness with darkness.

People are always doing the best they can.

You have to accept what you don’t like about your life to move forward.

You matter immensely.


So take some time to yourself or chat with a friend, just make sure you do it because your life is waiting for you to start living it fiercely!

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