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Gut Instincts: Trust 'em

This month's theme is trusting those gut instincts of ours. It sometimes just feel like gas... and maybe it is... but chances are it's much more than that. The Macmillan dictionary defines a gut instinct as "a feeling that you are certain is right, although you can give no good reason why". Learning to trust this basic instinct is crucial to living your fierce. It is essentially trusting your years of experience, your analytical abilities and the data cache of expert advice you've collected and stored.

There is great power in making one's own decisions. I also understand there tends to be a lot of fear in making decisions. I have witnessed countless people avoid making decisions like their lives are a game of dodgeball. They will duck, dodge, and dive from that ball at any cost. I love winning a game as much as the next (probably more than the next actually), but one is putting their destiny in the hands of someone else when you live your life in the proverbial dodgeball court.

I have come to believe a few things to be true for myself:

  1. A decision I make is one I can always be either proud of or learn from

  2. No decision is truly permanent (knowing this gave me great power to trust myself)

  3. Being the master of my own destiny feels pretty damn good

  4. A lot of time gets wasted on doubting my gut instincts or fearing that I am "wrong". Time that could be spent learning from my decision, fixing it or making a new one.

However, trusting your gut is only one tool in your decision making tool belt. Seeking expert advice when we are unsure, accepting feedback from trusted sources and learning from ours (and others') past decisions all play into making successful decisions that help us live our fierce and follow our passions.

So trust those little hairs that stand up on your arms, trust that frog in your throat and trust the little acrobats flipping around in your stomach. They're trying to tell you something.

Fiercly Yours,

Andrea (LYF Co-founder)

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