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Overcoming "NO"

We’re kicking off the LYF Project’s monthly themes with one of the toughest barriers to overcome when pursuing something you really want. Overcoming the word “NO”. Such an icky word. A dream killer. A huge roadblock. Total rejection.

But hearing “NO” to a plan or a dream does not need to end it. It could simply change your plans timeline to “not yet”. It’s a huge mental shift to be able to find the opportunity in such a terrifying word. I can assure you that keeping an open mind, while strapping on a bit of thick-skinned armour, can lead to more opportunities than barriers.

I am personally a big fan of the “not yet” reframe. I use it with all of my athletes who get frustrated with a skill they “can’t do”. My response is always to redirect their frustration towards the “not yet”. I watch their minds shift into what progressions they can do. I can see the determination level go up 3 notches. And sometimes, when the goal is well beyond their reach, we troubleshoot new, related skills that are within their reach.

Our paths to fierce will be riddled with roadblocks. Being prepared to hear “NO” and shift it to “not yet” can be such a powerful tool. Try it out sometime ;)

Fiercely Yours,

LYF Team

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