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Hi there! It’s been what seems an eternity to write this first post. Birthing this passion project has been years in the making. So stoked to share the official rebirth of the Live Your Fierce Project. My partner in crime, Amber, and I have poured a lot of love, sweat and brainstorming sessions into creating this. Hoping it doesn’t suck… but totally ok if it happens to be less awesome than we imagined it to be.

So we should What the actual F*&k is the LYF Project? Perhaps better to start out with what LYF is not…

The Live Your Fierce Project is not:

  • A group of man-hating women who are hellbent on succeeding over the figurative corpses of men

  • A community reserved only for super high achieving women with a collection of accolades to their name (although there are loads of them in here too)

  • A platform where women compete for attention and waste their energy criticizing the journeys of others

  • A group of women that takes ourselves way too seriously

Amber and I started the Live Your Fierce Project because we have both spent the better part of our own lives coaching, mentoring and supporting females of all ages in a variety of pursuits including sport, business and community outreach. We have witnessed firsthand how powerful removing barriers of entry and barriers of advancement can be to a group of women who are open to trying new things, testing their limits and overcoming their fears that might be holding them back.

Our mission is:

To build an online, and eventually, a physical community where women find their fierce, share their journeys with other women and find ways to live their fierce in their daily lives.

LYF is for fierce women, led by fierce women, and we aim to help bring our passions and dreams into reality.

Hopefully that clears some stuff up and gets you a little jazzed for future posts. Over the coming months, our social media accounts will be filled with motivating material, relevant articles from experts in their fields and features on fierce femmes who have already found a way to live their own fierce. Some pretty cool sh$t if you ask me.

Fiercely Yours,

LYF Team

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